If your a weather enthusiast, these are what I consider essential radar platforms.

Below, I have scrounged around deep into the bowels of the inter webs to uncover the most heralded weather enthusiast radar platforms I could find. I have broken this up into two sections: 1.) Radars that you can use for free 2.) Paid radar applications that are worth the money.

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Best Weather Radar Apps


  • Wunderground: This is one of the best free radar tools online out there. There are national, regional, and local views with many different options and capabilities.
  • NWS: The National Weather Service has a solid radar platform on their website with an extremely large national view, regional views, and local views.
  • Intellicast: There is a decent radar with different views on this website, including precipitation type.
  • College of DuPage: There are some really handy features on here, including hi-resolution radar and satellite data, with several different regional views. You can also overlay parameters and other features on top of the radar / satellite. This is great for nowcasting, especially for severe weather.
  • MyRadar NOAA Weather Radar: Overall, a nice free app for iPhones. Current conditions and high quality radar graphics overlaid Google Maps.
  • Weather Underground: An alternate to MyRadar NOAA Weather Radar for android is the Weather Underground app. There are similar features in this app with current conditions, detailed forecasts, and high quality radar graphics overlaid Google Maps.


  • GrLevelX: Stunning radar graphics and a palette of radar analysis features are offered. Different packages / prices available.
  • Weather Studio: A radar platform with great graphics and several analysis and model overlay features.
  • Radar Lab HD: A simple design with many different radar analysis features with great graphics.
  • RadarScope: A really sleek and easy to use radar platform. This platform works with Apple and Android products.

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