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FREE EBOOK: The Ultimate Severe WX Super Forecasting Playbook


Get access to the ideal ingredients for different types of severe weather scenario. This guide is your playbook for severe weather forecasting events.opt-in-click

FREE EBOOK: The Tornado Chemical X Formula (+"Wheel of Tor" Tool)


You’ll get tables and checklists that show the ideal ingredients for tornadoes. You’ll also get access to a cutting edge forecasting tool called “The Wheel of Tor”.opt-in-click

FREE Weather Beginner's Course: Become a Forecaster From Scratch


if You are new to meteorology, or want a good refresher, this beginner’s series will teach you the foundations of weather and fill in your blindspots.opt-in-click

Contests / Events

Forecast Warrior


Forecast Warrior is ultimate tornado forecasting competition for severe weather enthusiasts. Running from April through June each year, you will be able to submit your tornado target cities, # of tornadoes and other variables for specific days throughout tornado season. Level up throughout the season and win awards.opt-in-click


Ultimate Storm Chaser


Radical Rope-Out

Storm Chaser